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Guerin Hotel abt 1917
History of Myrtle Point

Myrtle Point is a small community of 2700 people located in just to the south of the forks of the Coquille River in the Coquille Valley. Originally settled in the early 1860's, the town had its greatest insurge of development after the arrival of the railroad in 1893. It was the center of 5 postal routes and the terminus of the railroad. The town had high hopes that the railroad would be connected with the Southern Pacific Railroad in Roseburg - a hope that many still would like to see today.

With the prosperity that the railroad brought, older settlers who had started donation land claims built new, modest homes in the growing town. Often these same people tried their hand at business ventures and many were successful. Many of the families still remain in the area and see their homes as family heirloooms. As a result, many of the historic homes and buildings still remain today, much the same as they were when they were originally built. The Heritage Tour will allow you to see many of these homes and businesses.

Information on the Heritage Homes website was compiled from Reflections of the Past: Myrtle Point, Oregon Historic Buildings, a project of the Myrtle Point Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and the Coos County Logging Museum (circa 1985) and Take a Break in Historic Myrtle Point produced by the Myrtle Point Chamber of Commerce (circa 1975) unless otherwise noted.

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