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505 Fifth Street
" Schiller Hermann House "

This home was originally built as the residence for the son of Binger Hermann, Schiller Hermann, a grandson of Dr. Henry Hermann who settled at Broadbent in 1859 with the Baltimore Colony. Binger was the Coquille Valley's first school teacher, was the owner of the first store in what would later become Myrtle Point, and was also an elected legislator. Binger served as a representative to the Oregon legislature and as a representative to the U.S. Congress. He is the only representative ever elected to that office from Coos County.

Source: Baltimore Colony Reflections by Binger Hermann

Representative Hermann, Myrtle Point, OR
Hon. Schiller B. Hermann, who was elected Representative on the Repubican ticket in Coos county, is a son of Hon. Binger Hermann. He was born at Roseburg, Oct. 27, 1871. He was educated in the public schools of Roseburg, and at Washington and Lee University, in Lexington, Virginia. He went to Coos county in 1893 and engaged in business there. He now has the largest merchantile establishment in that section. He is also interested in livestock and logging operations. He is a bright, energetic young man, of pleasing address.

Source:Oregon Teachers Monthly, March 1903, Vol. 7 No. 7: Oregon Legislature

Presently, the house is being restored and preserved.

Information on the Heritage Homes website was compiled from Reflections of the Past: Myrtle Point, Oregon Historic Buildings, a project of the Myrtle Point Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and the Coos County Logging Museum (circa 1985) and Take a Break in Historic Myrtle Point produced by the Myrtle Point Chamber of Commerce (circa 1975) unless otherwise noted.

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