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435 Ash Street
" N.G.W. Perkins House "

Nicholas (N.G.W.) Perkins was a local drug store owner who started Perkin's Drug Store in 1888. He was very active in the local community, serving on many city councils and other civic offices. The home was built in 1903 and is three full stories tall, making it one of the largest homes in Myrtle Point. It was turned into seven apartments in the 1930's and was badly neglected in the 1990's. It is currently undergoing restoration and is once again a single family dwelling.

Source: Myrtle Point Beginnings by Curt Beckham, 1985.

Information on the Heritage Homes website was compiled from Reflections of the Past: Myrtle Point, Oregon Historic Buildings, a project of the Myrtle Point Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and the Coos County Logging Museum (circa 1985) and Take a Break in Historic Myrtle Point produced by the Myrtle Point Chamber of Commerce (circa 1975) unless otherwise noted.

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